DRAG supports the Better Planning Network Forum on Planning Changes 7.30pm Tuesday 23rd October Redfern Town Hall.

This forum has been called by a 460 community associations under the Better Planning Network umbrella, in response to the proposed changes to planning controls by NSW State Parliament.  These changes will replace planning legislation that has long underpinned the State’s planning controls. If approved, these changes will ‘fast track economic development’ across the inner city and are likely to result in overdevelopment in our neighbourhoods.

The proposed changes will:

  • remove your right to comment on a Development Application (DA) in your street;
  • are pro-developer;
  • do not mention the preservation of heritage suburbs nor environment sustainability principles;
  • introduce “enterprise zones” into the area, which are a “free for all” for developers;
  • rely on “Private Certifiers” paid by developers to approve DAs (rather than Council);
  • “Consultation” is limited to an upfront “regional strategic planning phase” (and not specified).

The media, guest speakers from the Nature Conservation Council of NSW and Better Planning Network as well candidates for the Sydney by-election and representatives from the City of Sydney have been invited.  Without large scale support, these changes are likely to be rail-roaded through and will have an impact on development in Kings Cross.

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To view/download the proposed changes, go to:

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