Darlinghurst Residents' Action Group is a citizens group for residents and small businesses of Darlinghurst ridge in Sydney's inner-city. The ridge comprises the geographically and historically linked suburbs of Darlinghurst and Kings Cross.
Darlinghurst is named in honour of Elizabeth Darling, wife of Governor Ralph Darling, with 'hurst' being an old English word for a wooded area. It was originally called Henrietta Town.
We meet alternately months with 2011 Residents Association at 
To come to the next 2011RA meeting, register in person, or email 2011RAI@gmail and a committee member will follow up.
The DRAG community model is to convene forums on major issues such as public safety and planning policy as needed or to collaborate with other community groups.
DRAG co-convenors are Louise Butler, Jo Holder and Julia Perry.
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